Things that make domain names valuable for marketing products or services include: Age, Short length, Extension, Contain search words. Such domains get good positions in search engine results

Offers for any domain listed below are invited. (Registration dates in brackets). Just email: domains@platywebs.com.au.

Ages are up to 15 years. They all contain search words relevant to many subjects. Search words in the domain names include: aussie, schools, platypus, notice, seanachi, Australian, website design…

aussieschools.com.au (21/06/2008)
australianwebsitedesign.com.au (09/05/2004)
e-platypus.com (16/04/2006)
eplatypus.info (16/03/2012)
e-platypus.info (18/12/2015)
myplatypus.com.au (28/06/2017)
notice.com.au (14/02/2006)
seanachi.org (22/01/2006)
theplatypus.com.au (28/06/2017)
For .au names the prospective owner must qualify with www.auda.org.au eligibility conditions.
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